Let’s Get This Show on the Road!

Ok. No more procrastination. It’s time to get the conversation started.

As promised, here is the proposed curriculum skeleton, based on the local certification course I already teach. I’ve been holding off on starting this process because I wanted to give you this information and I bit off a bit more than I could chew. From now on, blog posts will be short and sweet so that I can convey info without getting writer’s block or feeling snowed under.

Here are the topics I suggest we include in your Aromatherapy course. These are basic subjects that will give you the foundation upon which to build your knowledge about Aromatherapy. You may feel that some of these subjects aren’t very sexy, or they may sound difficult, but they are pretty necessary. From there, we can flesh out the material, like hanging clothes on a clothes tree, to make this THE AROMATHERAPY COURSE OF YOUR DREAMS!

In my current class, I start with light-weight topics such as “The History of Essential Oils” and “What are Essential Oils?” (Why do plants make them and what they can do for us).

From there, we move on to Essential Oil Safety (common sense information about how to store and use your oils most effectively), and how to pick quality essential oils (what is the difference between oil companies, where can you find the best essential oils, and how can you tell the difference between adulterated, synthetic, and genuine/authentic essential oils. In this module, I compare and contrast the three different schools of Aromatherapy thought by using the American Revolution as an analogy. I postulate that what we really need in the United States in an American School, one built on a combination of common sense, medical research, and clinical experience. Viva La Revolution!

Blending basics, including the characteristics of possible base oils is included just before the module on Essential Oil Chemistry. With the help of information from Dr. David Stewart, I hope I have simplified the latter complex topic so that lay people and those who are rusty in the medical sciences can pick up on these concepts. Now, hold onto your seats, Chemistry can actually be sexy! When you see a picture of an oscillating aromatic ring with its “non-local double bonds” you will see what I mean! It’ll blow your mind.

Because the biology and character of the plants contribute to the properties of essential oils as much as their chemistry, we have a module on this subject. It’s combined with information about plant characteristics and binomial nomenclature (using the proper Latin names is our only way to make sure we are all talking about the same plant, and reputable companies will put the proper name on their labels to avoid confusion).

Once we digest the Chemistry and Biology, now we move on to a review of Anatomy and Physiology. It’s important to remember how your olfactory system works so that you can understand how the essential oils enter your body and how they are experienced by your brain and nervous system. Likewise, the anatomy and physiology of the skin will explain how the oils enter your pours and then travel to your organs and cells. The eliminative organs are important to study so that we can understand how essential oils can help us detoxify. When we study the sense of smell (olfaction), we also look at how the limbic system of our brains processes emotions and how the oils can affect our unconscious feelings and body processes.

In the bodywork module, I will demonstrate several different types of bodywork that utilize essential oils. We review the properties of base oils to help you choose which one is most appropriate for each mode of delivery. Though I talk about and demonstrate Vita Flex and Raindrop Technique, I do not teach this method. If you wish to study it further, you will need to find a certified teacher. Neither do I teach massage or reflexology, though we talk about the different strokes.

Just in case you want to get involved with Aromatherapy research, we talk about what constitutes a proper research paper, and what different types of research studies there are. I also go over how to set up a natural healing office, the ethics and legalities involved, and what type of license you will need in order to “touch” your clients. In most cases, Aromatherapy is not considered a stand-alone modality. It is usually combined with some other, licensed profession.

Finally, the last module covers different conditions that might respond to essential oils and Aromatherapy, with particular emphasis on how to incorporate the use of essential oils into other types of healing work (such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, veterinary practices, chiropractic offices etc.).

Now it’s your turn to make comments about the proposed curriculum and discuss how you feel about the topics. If you have any suggestions about other subjects that should be included, please make them in the comments section below. If there is a topic that you think should be studied more at length, we could even create a short workshop to focus on that particular subject that would be separate from the certification course.

In the Aromatherapy Seminar of Your Dreams, what would you like to know more about?

Next blog topic will be “What is the Purpose of the Course”? How do I see the purpose, and how do you? What would you like to get out of it?


February 19th, 2013: Launch Day!

Today’s the day. The co-creation process begins.

Through this interactive process, via this blog, you and I will create the aromatherapy course of your dreams. So far, I have a core curriculum that I will post later today. From that framework, we will build the seminar you’ve been waiting for.

Do you want to learn everything online? Would you rather use MP3 or CD/DVD technology instead? Should we use all three? What subjects should we include?

Aromatherapy courses are out there, but they are generally one-dimensional. Mose are based on the British system of Aromatherapy because that’s what the prevailing culture supports. My goal is to create an American System of Aromatherapy. One based on the best of modern science, historic uses, and common sense, not fear, pseudo-science, and fragrance industry standards. We will not be bullied into the restrictive use of essential oils because of intimidation and wrong-headed conservatism! We are independent thinkers with a desire to learn about and use essential oils in the most effective way – professionally and in the home. Essential oils are for everyone, but the more you know, the more effectively you can use them.

This will be a professional level course, but in a simplified way that anyone can understand and enjoy. Come join me on the journey to creating the Aromatherapy course of your dreams – let’s heal the world, one oil at a time!

(Blog posts will be at least weekly, but more often as the situation demands. Tell a friend! The more the merrier and the quicker we can build this course.) Click on “follow” to be part of the process.


Are you frustrated with the lack of comprehensive, professional level Aromatherapy courses?

Are you confused by conflicting opinions about Aromatherapy techniques, unreliable essential oil quality, and overly-cautious, scary warnings about essential oil application?

Here’s your chance to sound-off about what you’d like to learn about essential oils and Aromatherapy!

At Scentsational Seminars, we have developed a core curriculum that includes principles and techniques from all philosophies of essential oil theory and practice. Within this basic framework, there’s plenty of room to include subjects and approaches that you want to focus on.

Together, we will also develop special modules that concentrate on branches of Aromatherapy study, such as Animal Aromatherapy, Aromatology/Aromatherapy for Health professionals, Essential Oil Cosmetology etc. These special modules will be co-created by you and me, with input from experts in each area of study.

When you become a founding member of the Scentsational Seminars family, you will get in on the ground floor of an exciting opportunity that includes the ability to decide a large chunk of the materials we’ll study, free and discounted products FOR LIFE, exclusive products only available to founding members, and more!

To find out more about the amazing opportunities available to you as a founding member and about how to co-create the seminar of your dreams, click here or on the button at the top of the page titled Co-Create Your Seminar.

This is YOUR Aromatherapy school created by you, with you and for you!

I look forward to meeting you and to creating with you, the seminar of your dreams,

Dr. Lisa

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